What I'm doing this week

Monday, tuesday, wednesday...

My plans for this week will be filled of studying, planning our new trip and a lot of other things.

Today: Today I'm planning on studying for my home exam, then I'm going with my family to see my grandfather later tonight.

Tuesday: Tomorrow I need to finalize my home exam before I can hand it in. Something I'm not looking forward to...

Wednesday: School starts again after a week of working with our home exam and I'll also try to meet up with my best friend Karin.

Thursday: I'll try to fix the last parts of our apartment and also plan the next three trips, first off to Dubai (Yay).

Friday: It's finally weekend and I'll plan for the arrival of Christian's and families. It will be really fun to see them all and to show our new apartment!

Saturday + sunday: Christian and I will just hang out with our families and have a great time,