West coast

West coast = Best coast

A few days ago Christian and I visited Marstrand, which is a only a few miles from where we live. Marstrand is located in the west coast of Sweden, only 40 minutes away from Gothenburg and even though autumn has arrived I love to visit the ocean. During the ride there we had so much fun, I always get so excited during short roadtrips, I'm like a kid waiting in the car on the way to an amussment park, haha.. When we arrived, we walked around on the island of Marstrand during golden hour and it was quite romantic actually. It's just cozy to get away from home sometimes and do something different. When the sun was setting we got the most magical sunset. The sky turned from yellow, to orange, to pink, to purple. It was incredible. I'm always eager to leave Sweden and travel to all sort of places, but sometimes Sweden is just as beautiful.