Top 5 places I've been to


I was reading and looking for new places for traveling, and then I was thinking of maybe sharing som inspo for you guys.
I've been to a lot of amazing places in my life, and I think it could be really exciting to put them on a list, so here is my:

"Top 5 places I've been to"

1 - Santorini
At first place is definitely Santorini, Greece. The feeling of waking up 100 meters over the ocean with an amazing view was worth every penny of every day. I will go back there some day, that's a promise to myself.

2 - Thailand
At second place I need to say Phuket, Thailand. The islands and beaches was like from a fairytale, all white with see through water. Even though it was a long time I was there, I'm missing it. If you haven't been there, go!

3 - Paris
I think everyone has dreamed about Paris at least once in their life, and it's exactly what they say. The feeling of seeing the Eiffel Tower with my own eyes was surreal, it was breathtaking to be honest. I've already planned a new trip to France again with Christian this year, can't wait!

4 - Spain
Spain has some great beaches and the people there are extremely friendly and open. I've mostly been in Torrevieja and I love it there. It feels kinda cozy there, I was always there gowing up, and the restaurants, water parks and the city made me really love the place.

5 - Turkey
The last place on my list is Alanya, Turkey. This place could be a beautiful vacation or just for partying or chilling at the beach.


(The pics aren't mine, all credit to the person who took it)