Can't believe there were more than a year ago since Christian and I was in Santorini. I can remember it quite vividly and I'm really missing it, but there is something I don't miss, it's how I felt. I was actually quite sad. I had Christian and that helped a lot, but I was always very stressed out over money, and my life overall. I remember I had a blast over the summer, seeing Christian all the time and having fun, but when the summer was over I had to go back home (we had a long distance relationship back then). I also lived with my parents and that felt exhausting since all my firiends had their own apartments. Christian and I used up almost all of our money for that trip, just to have some fun together. I can't believe how much better my life feels now. Christian and I live together, we are able to travel several times a year and everything just feels more happy. It's really true what they say, new hair, new life.