My top 5 places to visit in Greece

Dreamy places

Since I first visited Greece I instantly fell in love with the country, the culture and the various of islands. There is something special about that place which makes me wanna go back every year. I've been to a lot of different places in Greece and everywhere I go I find new favourite spots. I want to show and tell you, guys, about some of those places. It can be cities, mountains or other special places I've found during my visits around Greece. I can with all certainly say that Greece will forever be my favourite European country.

1. Oia, Santorini.

It's no surprise that the all white & blue city near the steep mountains with the breathtaking view over the ocean claims the first place on this list. Everything about the island of Santorini will take your breath away, but the city of Oia is definitely the one thing that you just have to see before you die.

2. Balos Beach, Crete.

Balos beach is one of those beaches you just need to visit if you're ever in Crete. Balos beach has been nominated to one of the world's most beautiful beaches multiple times and when you're there you definitely understand why. The only negative thing about this incredible beach is the crowds. There are A LOT of people there, but the nature makes it worth it.

3. Gramvousa island, Crete.

The island of Gramvousa is also located in Crete, only half a hour from Balos beach. The water on Gramvousa is absolutely stunning, and see through. There is also a castle on top of the mountain where the view is just amazing. You can actually see all the way to Balos beach, which is quite cool.

4. Tsambika Mountain, Rhodes.

As you've probably noticed, I love views, but who doesn't? But the mountain of Tsambika is really something special. Located right beside Kolymbia beach, in Kolymbia lays the incredble 320 metres high mountain just waiting to be climbed. There are paths up to the amazing view, but it can be tough, so don't forget water, haha.

5. Casa Cook hotels, Rhodes.

I know this isn't a mountain, beach or city, but the Casa Cook hotels in Rhodes is so much worth it's place on this list. I've been to a lot of hotels, but this hotel takes the first place easily. The whole atmosphere and the scenary is incredible. If you haven't been there yet, book a trip next summer, haha, it's sooo worth it.