My plans for the week

I'm really looking forward to this week due to the many things I will do!

Today: The apartment is close to being finished, so I'll be cleaning up a little at home and then I'll just work for a few hours and write on my essay.

On Tuesday I'll be at school for a few hours, then I'll meet my sister and we'll workout together (as we usual do).

On Wednesday I will start packing for my trips this week. I will also go for a run with my sister.

On Thursday; Christian and I will pack our last things, then we'll leave for the capital (Stockholm) and be there the whole day. We'll take some pics and sleep at a hotel for the night.

Friday: Early in the morning/night we'll take a flight from Arlanda airport to Barcelona! We'll be there the whole weekend, take a lot of pics, eat, sleep and swim!

Sunday: We'll go back home to Sweden again.

It will be a week filled with a lot of things to do. I couldn't be more excited than I am! I hope you, guys, are having a great weekend as well!