Long distance relationship - How to make it work

There was someone who requested a post about my long distance relationship with my boyfriend. And because I had a long distance relationship myself, I always loved reading about others and how they succeeded with their LDR, and due to the Internet, long distance relationhips are more common than ever before. So let's get right into it.

For those who don't know, I had a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, from February 2014 - December 2016. Now, we live together. A lot of people always asked me "How can you do it?" and sometimes I asked myself the same question. It was extremely hard living hours away from each other. Christian lived in the south of Sweden (Skåne) and I lived north of Gothenburg.

Christian and I met on the internet, and at first I didn't even think we would meet in real life. But as the time went by, we started to like each other more and more. After we got together the distance was really difficult. Through our entire relationship it was ups and downs, as any relationship of course. But for us all the fights were harder when we couldn't be face to face, or hug each other afterwards. We only met 1-2 weekends every month, due to the lack of money.

So how did we do it? How did we make it through until we finally moved in together? The reason for us was love., but sometimes that isn't enough, so I have a few tips for those who is struggling out there.

1. Get a savings account - A lot of time it costs a lot of money to get a flight or train to see the person you love. My tip for you is to get a savings account. Put away some of your money every month. Ask yourself "Do I really need that new jacket?", put that money on your loved one instead.

2. Don't go to sleep mad - This is a great tip for every couple, but it's even more important for those who have a distance relationship. If you fight over the phone, or via text, never go to sleep mad. This can really destroy a relationship if you do. You will have a hard time sleeping and the fighting will take over the relationship. The fights will not end when you go to sleep, they will still be there in the morning. Communication is important if you want your relationship to work out.

3. Dont fight via texts - This is also Important. Everything can be missunderstodd via texts. If a fight will occur while texting, call each other instead and talk it through. It's always better to talk than to text. Sometimes it can just be a misunderstanding. As I said before, communicate.

4. Trust each other - Something that can cause problems is the jealousy that may occur. It can be quite hard to trust someone when they live hours away, but try. It will consume your life if you go around being scared of being cheated on.

5. Come up with your own rules - This tip is an extansion of the tip before. When you decide to be together, respecting each other is the main key. Come up with your own rules in your relationship that you're comfortable with. For exemple, if you have issues with trust, speak to your partner about it. Maybe you can come up with rules that will make you more comfortable in your relationship. And don't see it as "My partner is controlling me" there is a big gap between "I don't party much because my partner don't like it" and "I can't party at all". Communication and respect is both very important. Make your own rules.

I hope these tips work out for you, and remember, all couple have fights, all couple have ups and downs. You just have to ask yourself "Is my partner worth it?". For me, it was always "yes".