Instagram Tag!

Everything about Instagram

I decieded to do an Instagram tag! Instagram is where I started blogging in the first place, so I thought it would make sense to do this kinda tag. I hope you'll like it!

1. What’s your username ?
My username is - mathildahogbergs

2. When did you create your Instagram account ?
Hmm, I had an account before I created this account, but I think this account is about 3 years old.

3. Which is the first picture you posted?
This one. That's Karin beside me, my bestie. This picture was uploaded long before I was even trying to get my pictures and feed beautiful.

4. How many times do you log in ? Per day/week ?

I log in every 5-20 minutes, I think.

5. What is your worst picture ?

I don't know actually, I have a lot of different pictures, and sometimes I delete pictures that I'm not happy with. So that's a difficult question to answer.

6. Which picture has had the most likes?

This one. It's not even me, but a lot of people quite liked it. It got almost 10.000 likes and about 260 comments. A lot of pictures have gotten almost the samee amount, but this is the one with the most likes.

7. How many followers do you have ? How many people are you following ?

Right now I have abou 49,700 followers and I'm following around 800. The accounts I'm following are mostly inspo accounts, cause it's always fun to see.

8. Who is the last person who liked on of your pictures ?

I have no idea actually, sorry.

9. Show us your top 3 pictures?

I didn't really understand this question. Does it mean that I'll show you my 3 pics with the most likes, or 3 pics I like the most. Anyway, I'll show you both. The 3 pics on the top is the one with the most likes, and the 3 pics on the bottom is the pics I like the most.