14-07-2017 Crete

After a month of travelling around I've finally got some time to get back to my blog. It's harder than I thought to be active on all of my social media when Christian and I are travelling back and forth.
But now when I've got the time I'll show you all of the pics and stories I've collected when I was gone from the blog.

These pictures are from when Christian and I woke up at 6 am (Even though the pool are wasn't open until 7 am) to get the pool for ourselves and snap some flootie pics. I know it looks graceful on the flootie, but I can promise you it wasn't. I seriously fell off around 5 times untill I got the pic I wanted.. Haha.. Then we took a walk around the area and found the cutest flower arrangement, I just had to snap a photo!

Gotta love Crete.