My favorite hairstyles!

This is a perfect and easy up do, that always work, am I right? I always wear this hairstyles when I'm wearing some kind of sweater or just haven't washed my hair for a while, hehe. The way I do it is quite easy actually. Ill just take all my hair like when I'm doing a pony tail, but instead of doing a pony tail, I just twist it around until I get a bun.

This hair due is by far my favorite one. First I curl my hair with a straightener,, then I brush out the curls a little then I'll just twist my upper hair around until I get a perfect bun.

This hairstyle is almost as the one before. I curl my hair, but at the picture I haven't really brushed out the curls as much. Then I'll take my upper hair and starts to braid it. Sometimes I also pull the braid, to get a "fuller" braid, but I haven't done that in the picture. To really bend the braid in, you can curl the end of the braid too.

What is your fav hairstyle??