Ideas for blog posts!

I know exactly how hard it can be to come up with blog posts sometimes. You want it to be fun and interesting, but you have zero inspiration. Well, I have some tips for you that I live by. I'll hope you find these tips helpful!

  1. Inspo - This always works, post a few pics that you find inspirational. It can be pics from WeHeartit, Tumblr or anything you find as inspo. It's always fun to see inspo.
  2. Post one of your favorite quotes - Inspirational quotes can be a really kick for some people!
  3. Tutorials - Post a tutorial that you know will get people interested. A hair tutorial, food or just a DIY.
  4. Post pictures from your day - It doesn't need to be long, or with a lot of text. Just post a few pics from your day. Your readers will be thrilled to see how your days usually play out.
  5. Vlog - Post a video of your life, day, travel or anything else!
  6. Your breakfast - Post a few pics of your breakfast, this always works, then write a small text of how your day will be
  7. Your dreams or goals - These kind of posts are always interesting, to know what other people's goals or dreams are. It can be quite motivational to read someone else's goals in life.
  8. Write where you would like to travel - These kind of posts are some of my fav, traveling is one of my favorite things to do.
  9. Shoutout - Shoutout someone whi is an inspiration to you. It can be another blogger, actress/actor, whoever.
  10. Make a list of things that are interesting - Maybe a list of how to succeed with your goals, a list of how you edit your pics, a list of what you do in a day. It can be anything you want it to be!
  11. Your products/favorites - I'm always looking for new great products for my hair, skin or just makeup. So don't be scared to share some of your favorite products.
  12. Favorite brands - Blog about your favorite brands, clothing brands or other brands that always get you inspired.
  13. Archive - Post old, but great pics that you love, Maybe from your vacation last year, or the pics that got the most love from your Insta.
  14. Collage - Post a collage of your favorite outfits, from your own wardrobe, or a website. A post like that is always a homerun!
  15. Q & A - Do I need say anything else? Q & A's are always fun!