Calvin and denim love!

This weekend Christian and I had a lot of things going on. On satuday we took some pictures for Insta in Gothenburg, I had my fav jeans from Chiquelle, Calvin Tee and handbag from Zalando. Later that day we vistited my sister to watch Melodifestivalen together. It was great until Loreen (my favorite) didn't go to the final, that was not as fun..

On sunday our plan was to clean, work with Insta and go to the gym, we ended up doing one of those things, work. Then we got tired and watched series all day, not as productive as I wanted to be, but I thought I deserved some kinda break from all the work and school work. I guess I'll have to clean our place today, or tomorrow, hehe..

Denim & sunnies from Chiquelle.
Calvin from Zalando.

Pics from when we were in Gothenburg.