Ambassador for...

If you guys are following me on Instagram you might know that sometimes I post a lot of pics for Chiquelle. Sometimes people acually make jokes about me for posting a lot of pics with their clothes. Chiquelle is by far my favorite Webshop, but that's not only why I post pictures of their clothes, it's also so that I'm kind of an ambassador of theirs. That means that twice a month they send me clothes that I've chosen out, then I take pictures of them and share with my followers. I always bought clothes from their website before we even had a collaboration, so it was kind of a dream come true when they emailed me. I always try to take the best pictures I can of the items I get, and sometimes it can get quite stressful when I need to post pictures and I have a lot of other things going on. But I take my jobs seriously, I think that's important.



Vilken underbara bilder 😍💗
Gud vad glad jag blir, tack!!
Hanna Sahlqvist,
Du tar så himla fina bilder Mathilda!! Bästa du <3